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The effects of stress can be debilitating for the individual and the costs to businesses and the economy can be huge. The compounded affect of the pandemic is likely to have added to increased levels of stress.

Our growing understanding of stress gives us more and more tools we can use to help to manage stress in our favour.

We can even think of stress in terms of positive and negative terms. Eustress is the kind of positive pressure that can provide a helping hand in motivation and achieving goals. But with too much eustress, we reach a tipping point and enter distress. Finding this balance and discovering techniques to manage our stress to achieve this equilibrium can help us maintain or maximise our productivity.

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Many members of our Cognomie global coaching community specialise in supporting individuals who need it with stress management techniques. We’ve created a stress e-guide that pulls together some insight around the good and bad of stress. How to identify where you might be on that pressure curve and some tips and techniques on how to find that perfect equilibrium.

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